ClearFire-H is designed for heating and process steam solutions and offered in sizes from 10 to 80 hp for 15 or 150 psig design steam pressure. According to the manufacturer, it produces 99 percent or better dry quality steam without a separator and is available with 10:1 turndown. It is engineered with the company’s AluFer tubes, which extend the heating surface to provide maximum heat transfer. The self-regulating premix burner with ECM blower automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture without the use of additional controls. The 10:1 turndown modulating burner eliminates excessive cycling under light load conditions. Standard features include a Falcon touchscreen boiler control that provides an operator interface for integrated boiler sequencing, flame safety, PID modulation, English-text alarms and diagnostics. The Falcon control with integrated lead/lag optimizes multiple-boiler system operational efficiency and delivers precise steam load control to meet heating and process demands.