A flow meter calibrated for a “standard” natural gas mix may result in compromised flow measurement accuracy if the natural gas composition in the pipe does not match the mix the flow meter has been calibrated to measure. The challenges users face when the natural gas composition varies from place to place is the focus of a case study from Fox Thermal, Marina, Calif.

Any process that involves the use of natural gas can be affected flow measurement accuracy errors due to mismatched conditions, says the team from Fox Thermal. The case study offers tips on how to specify flow measurement technology used in the measurement of natural gas. Insights include advice on:

  • Changing gas compositions without compromising accuracy.
  • Mandated monitoring devices with an accuracy of ±2%, ±5%, or ±7.5% or better.
  • Harsh and remote environments.

The case study is available for download or in print version by request here.