An augmented reality platform from Baker Furnace allows operators, maintenance personnel and engineers to interact with an industrial furnace through a tablet. Three levels of access via a PLC — augmented operator, augmented maintenance and augmented engineering — provide step-by-step procedures, component manuals, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings and live data at the component level.

According to Baker Furnace, the industrial design augmented reality means there is no need to open electrical panels. With the tablet camera, personnel simply points and clicks to gain access to a view of the inside of the panel with all its components and live data.

The data provide is determined by the user’s access settings. The augmented operator level will provide systematic procedures on how to run the furnace. The augmented maintenance level will provide all electrical, mechanical drawings, component manuals and step-by-step procedures on performing maintenance on critical components. The augmented engineering level will provide real, live data of components on the tablet. 

Baker Furnace, Yorba Linda, Calif., is a division of Thermal Product Solutions.