With a firing range of 15,000 to 200,000 MBH, Model FDR(X) combines a windbox, air register, ignition assembly, fuel train, flame-safety control, combustion control, flue-gas recirculation system and forced-draft blower into a packaged unit. The forced-draft register burner was designed to optimize performance in power plant applications. To reduce downtime, the primary air register setting can be adjusted from the outside of the burner — without shutting down, pulling the burner, or accessing the inside of the windbox. This means flame-length shaping can be adjusted precisely during operation. The burner design is available in single- or multi-fuel models, and it can operate on natural gas, liquid propane, coke oven, refinery and low BTU gases, low and high viscosity fuel oils, and asphalt and tail oils.

Webster Combustion Technology LLC