A custom dryer/curing oven will be used to cure and heat magnetic windings for an electrical transformer manufacturer in Middlefield, Ohio.

Built and shipped by Benko Products, Sheffield Village, Ohio, the dryer/oven includes a proprietary airflow design, touchscreen display, fume-extracting fan and a sensor break recovery feature. In the event of a sensor failure, the temperature controller will switch instantaneously to the alternative thermocouple to allow the process to complete. The oven offers temperature uniformity of ±10°F, according to Benko.

The system will be used to make low noise transformers, on which the windings must be kept tight. On other designs, the metal windings expand during the curing process, and gaps are introduced that cause the transformers to be noisy. The transformer manufacturer eliminated this problem by applying a DC voltage to the transformer during the curing process. The magnetic field created by the DC voltage pulls the windings together and holds them in place until the curing cycle is complete. This allowed for the construction of significantly lower noise transformers.