Backflush seawater filters use a mix of materials to meet harsh environmental conditions. Plenty brand automated backflush seawater intake filters remove debris down to 570 microns nominally, including sand, shells and other particles, from the uplift pumps. Constructed of super duplex stainless steel, the filters are designed for continuous water flow without manual intervention using an automatic cleaning cycle triggered based on either pressure drop across the unit, timer or manual intervention. A collector arm connected to the backwash outlet passes over the filtration screen, cleaning as it rotates inside the element. Pressure within the strainer body is higher than the pressure in the backwash outlet pipe and induces a flow of water in the reverse direction through the element, effectively flushing away all accumulated debris. This system means water flow is not interrupted and an external water supply is not required for cleaning.

Plenty, a brand of SPX Flow

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