Intended for critical process applications a new software platform is designed to simplify, strengthen and scale cybersecurity for asset-intensive businesses and infrastructure facing cyberthreats.

Developed by Honeywell and dubbed the Forge Cybersecurity Platform offers site- and enterprise-level cybersecurity by increasing the visibility of vulnerabilities and threats. The software also is designed to mitigate risks and improve cybersecurity management efficiency. The platform can be used to safely move data from one site to another. It uses operations data to strengthen endpoint and network security. The scalable software solution also can be used to ensure cybersecurity in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments.

The platform is available in three versions:

  • Enterprise Core, for customers with more secure multi-site connectivity needs.
  • Enterprise Premium, which also delivers cybersecurity asset management.
  • Site, for customers exploring select platform capabilities at a single site level.