With the three new webinars we have planned for October, you can gain valuable knowledge from the comfort of your office chair — or even your couch. What’s better than that?

On October 10, Chris Grieshaber of Control Instruments Corp., Fairfield, N.J., will discuss the importance and advantages of proper LFL/LEL monitoring in process heating applications. Monitoring a system to be sure it remains below the lower flammable limit and lower explosive limit is critical for plant safety. Grieshaber notes that excessive increases in LFL levels result in injuries and even deaths as well as severe damage and extended downtime at plants around the world each year. A combustion analyzer can monitor the LFL level in the process, reducing the risk of dangerous excursions above safe levels. Aside from the safety benefits, an analyzer can help keeping companies in compliance with relevant codes.

Safety is important when operating steam generation systems as well. On October 15, Ed Verderose of Miura Boiler, Rockmart, Ga., will highlight the benefits of on-demand steam generation systems. How a boiler is designed and engineered — size and weight, ease of maintenance, accessibility to gauges, and a host of other issues — affects boiler operation. The webinar will look at on-demand modular steam generation systems that offer modularity, quick system startups, reduced operating costs and steam capacity while requiring less floor space.

On October 30, our sister publication, Process Cooling, will host a webinar on extending a cooling tower’s operating life with preventive and predictive maintenance. Key takeaways include:

  • How a performance test is done, what is needed and how it is evaluated.
  • Mechanical failures due to vibration problems: causes, how to detect, and remedies.
  • Common fan issues relating to the fan blades and hardware, including impending failures, and optimal setups for performance.
  • Recognizing water-distribution problems from the ground and how to fix them.
  • Understanding common structural problems and where they are most often found.

In addition to upcoming events, you can take advantage of archived events on our website. Visit our website to view these events right now:

  • Steam Boiler Safety by Design. Are some industrial boilers safer than othersby design? Learn about steam boiler safety — and how a safer plant may start with the equipment selection process.
  • Is Your Old Oven Obsolete? Safety and Performance Improvements for Baking and Drying Applications. Oven safety systems and practices as well as a look at the latest edition of NFPA 86, Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, are the focus of this on-demand webinar, which also includes case studies of oven failures that led to product loss and personal injury.
  • Sustained Performance: Thermal Fluid Management. This webinar seeks to educate attendees on prolonging the lifetime of their heat transfer fluid. The information presented promises to help ensure maximum performance from thermal fluid heating systems.
  • Choosing the Right Heating System for Your Application. There are several process heating methods to choose from when it comes to industrial applications. Which method is best for your application? Gain a better understanding of how factors such as combustion, fluid flow, heat transfer properties and combustion controls can influence your choice.

For each of the events in October, those who attend the live event can have their questions answered live near the end of the webinar. Attendees who cannot view the live event can register and view the webinar on-demand. Visit webinars.process-heating.com to sign up for any of these events or view the on-demand versions.