Thermal Product Solutions shipped two Gruenberg depyrogenation sterilizers that will be used for sterilizing pharmaceutical equipment. They have maximum temperature ratings of 536°F (280°C).

Circulation blowers located in a plenum chamber in the top of the sterilizers direct air through circulation ducts located on one side of the workspace. The air passes through high temperature HEPA filters first and then enters the chamber through a semi-pierced duct wall. The air flows horizontally across the product, exits through a semi-pierced duct wall on the opposite side and enters a recirculation duct. The air is then directed back to the blower for reheating and recirculation.

Rapid-ramp HEPA filters on the circulation and exhaust airflow systems were added to allow the machines to ramp up to temperature and cool down at a rate of 9°F (5°C) per minute. An Allen Bradley touchscreen HMI with PLC was installed on each unit for temperature and process control.