One of my favorite things to do near the end of the year is review the most popular content on our site — in the last year and overall. It helps me recognize topics that may warrant more coverage, and it can prompt me to revisit still-popular topics I may have missed in 2019.

It also got me thinking: perhaps our readers have missed some of the best. With that in mind, I decided to share the 10 most popular articles published in 2019. (For a look at the most popular overall articles on our site, check out the web exclusive article at

Without further delay, here are the 10 most popular articles published in 2019:

1. Desuperheater Application Best Practices

Proper specification, installation and maintenance of desuperheaters and associated control valves will increase efficiency and uptime.

2. Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger Failure Cause of Gas Plant Explosion

The probable cause of an explosion and fire was a failure of the brazed aluminum heat exchanger due to thermal fatigue, says the U.S. Chemical Safety Board.

3. Ensuring the Safety of Industrial Combustion Systems

A comprehensive solution for industrial combustion safety helps plant owners and operators improve safety and reliability while reducing risk and optimizing the efficiency of fuel-fired equipment used in process heating operations.

4. Controlling Combustion for Fired Heaters

An evaluation of measurements and control philosophies utilized in fired heater systems identifies opportunities to leverage available technology to improve heater performance.

5. How to Eliminate Steam Venting and Stop Major Energy Losses

Recovering flash steam rather than venting it to atmosphere allows process plants to avoid energy losses from process steam systems. The techniques used to recover flash steam depend on the steam system design and process steam demands.

6. Impedance Pipe Heating Tips

If you are not familiar with impedance pipe heating, you may not realize why it is an option for your next pipe heating application. Here is an overview of impedance pipe heating and 10 reasons to consider it.

7. Wireless RTDs: The Modernization of Temperature Measurement

Wireless RTDs have bridged the gap from decades of hardware to remotely connected devices.

8. Predicting Calcium Carbonate Scaling Accurately

Compare and understand the most common calcium carbonate scale prediction methods for cooling waters. Learn where and why some methods are inaccurate, and understand how an accurate prediction method can optimize a calcium carbonate scale-control program as well as provide a cost reduction in cooling water treatments.

9. Understanding Combustion Safety-Valve Standards and Regulations

Combustion valve standards and codes can seem like a mystery maze. This article explains how to meet the requirements of key codes from common standards organizations.

10. Measure and Improve Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance

Combining a few strategically placed instruments with analytical tools can provide insight into the condition and improve the performance of critical plant assets.