Continuing its tradition of donating the entry fees generated by its Innovation Awards program to a worthy local cause, AHR Expo has donated $26,300 to the Central Florida Police Athletic League (P.A.L.). The nonprofit organization focuses on providing affordable after school, summer and athletic opportunities for youths living in the Orlando/Apopka area of central Florida.

The organizers of AHR Expo, which will be held February 3-5 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, note that this is largest donation ever and is due to the awards program receiving its highest number of entries.

Long Beach, Calif.-based Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., a multinational environmental pollution-abatement and energy-solutions firm, expanded its manufacturing operations in Bangkok, Thailand. With the opening of its Thailand presence, Ship & Shore Environmental Thailand received an order for its first project within the country: a three-bed regenerative thermal oxidizer to be installed at a large chemical plant. The project includes custom engineering for an end-to-end air pollution control system. According to the company, this project is the first of several queued for the Thailand area.


Vacuum thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet until it is soft and then draping it over a mold. A vacuum then is applied, pulling the sheet into the mold. After cooling, the sheet is ejected and the finished product is passed to the next stage of assembly or production. In an application note, Exergen Global Industrial Sales explains how noncontact infrared temperature sensors are used to measure key stages in the molding process. Visit to read the guide.


Ipsen USA, Cherry Valley, Ill., added five regional sales engineers as part of an initiative to expand aftermarket services across the United States and Canada. The new team will help processors with replacement parts, retrofits, upgrades, service and technical support for any brand of atmosphere or vacuum heat-treating system.

After 36 years in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Purolite Corp. relocated its global headquarters to King of Prussia, Pa. The new facility, which is 30 percent larger than its previous building, will allow the maker of ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent, and specialty resins to expand operations.

Marsh Bellofram

Marsh Bellofram, Newell, W.Va., sold its King-Gage division to Noshok Inc., a maker of measurement solutions headquartered in Berea, Ohio. The sale was finalized in December. King-Gage, part of Marsh Bellofram since 2011, markets application-specific solutions for level measurement, inventory tank gauging, and compressed air filtration. Marsh Bellofram will continue to offer a full line of solutions under familiar brand names such as BelGas, ATC Diversified, Bellofram Elastomers, Marsh Instruments and Bellofram Precision Controls.

Denver-based Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, acquired ITW Insulation Systems, a business owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc. With the acquisition, Johns Manville Industrial Insulation expanded its portfolio to include low temperature insulation, vapor retarder and metal jacketing products for pipe and equipment projects.