A regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) will help a Midwest automobile manufacturer control volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in its paint shop.

The 65,000 scfm silicone-series RTO, supplied by Catalytic Products International, will control VOC emissions from a solvent-based 2K clear coat spray-paint booth. The oxidizer destroys VOC emissions from the paint solvent vapors with 98 percent destruction rate efficiency (DRE), allowing the facility to maintain compliance with Clean Air Act standards. According to the manufacturer, the RTO will achieve a thermal efficiency of 95 percent, allowing for minimal gas consumption and operating costs.

The spray-paint booth exhaust contains VOCs including siloxanes, methanol, ethanol, acetone and formaldehyde. When oxidized, the siloxanes present in the 2K clear coat solvents will form an inorganic particulate, silicone dioxide, which clings to hot, metallic surfaces and forms a destructive and efficiency-robbing barrier layer in the exhaust system and thermal oxidizer. The RTO includes a special media designed to handle the light particulate loading while providing reduced pressure drops and the highest thermal efficiency.