A manufacturer in the chemical products industry will use an environmental walk-in chamber to perform temperature and humidity testing of heat pump and air handling systems containing hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants.

Supplied by Tenney Environmental, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, the chamber maintains a relative humidity range of 20-85 percent in the temperature range of 68-185°F (20-85°C) limited by a 41°F (5°C) dew point. This chamber is designed with an intrinsically safe interior design. When an intrinsically safe interior is employed, pressure relief equipment is also installed to safely relieve a deflagration or explosion emanating from the chamber should it occur.

A large explosion relief panel is installed in the rear chamber wall with fracture clips around the outside perimeter. Safety chains are also mounted around the outside perimeter to limit panel travel outward should a deflagration or explosion occur.