An industrial Internet of Things-powered solution offers users the ability to remotely monitor boiler systems from anywhere, providing alerts and actionable insights from the boiler room.

Introduced at AHR Expo earlier this month, Prometha Connected Boiler Solution, developed by Cleaver-Brooks, collects data on each point of a boiler system’s health and transmits it wirelessly to a dashboard that is accessible to authorized users on any mobile phone, tablet or computer. The dashboard can be used to display key information for multiple boilers in various locations. This real-time data enables customers to make decisions regarding boiler operation and maintenance even when they are away from the boiler room.

It is designed to work with any boiler equipped with Cleaver-Brooks’ Hawk PLC control system, which means it can added to existing boiler system to immediately integrate IIoT technology in the boiler room. It also means Prometha also easily integrates with boilers from other manufacturers. The boiler control solution uses a cellular connection and one-way communications to ensure that even if the system were improperly accessed, actual boiler settings cannot be modified remotely.