During the coronavirus pandemic, many manufacturers are reaching out to help those treating patients, working in laboratories and conducting drive-through testing. Such was the case for one thermoformer, who contacted SencorpWhite, the maker of its thermoforming machines, to temporarily convert the lines to manufacture much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff.

“We received a call from a large PPE manufacturer of face masks to see if we could respond quickly to the unprecedented global demand,” said Brian Golden, vice president for Sencorp. “We converted two 2500 style machines typically used for consumer products in the plastic industry to run the material used in the production of the N95 masks.”

“With necessary modifications, two machines were prepped for shipment in less than a week. Each machine is capable of producing about 3 million masks per week,” Golden noted.

“We are happy to do our part,” Keith Blackwell, thermoforming supervisor at Sencorp said. “There is nothing more important than keeping our healthcare workers safe. They are the most important resource in this crisis.”