Sanitary steam heater is offered in models as small as 4” steam heaters and starch cookers for the food and beverage industry to as large as steam heaters for petrochemical distillation and starch cooking for pulp and paper and wastewater management. The static-mixing chamber of the direct steam heater produces uniform heating of the process flow. With six inline mixing chambers and no moving parts, it works efficiently on low 25 to 50 psi steam. The company’s sanitary steam 4” heater is constructed of 316 stainless steel with clamp-style ferule end connections. The design of the company’s direct steam heaters reportedly eliminates noise and vibration for liquid and slurry heating and starch cooking applications. A flow-through design provides for clean in place (CIP) or rapid disassembly for cleaning. The sanitary steam heater can be used for heating, cooking, sterilization and pasteurization.

Komax Systems Inc.