A biosolids gasification project in Linden, N.J., is expected to divert 130,000 tons of biosolids from local landfills annually once completed. The facility will be housed in a re-purposed building within the Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority complex.

Aries Clean Energy will build, own and operate the gasification facility. It will process 430 tons of biosolids per day while producing 22 tons of biochar. The biochar will be used as a substitute for fly ash in concrete. The closed-loop system will not require fossil fuels during operations.

The high temperature process that takes place in the downdraft gasifiers is thermo-chemical in nature. Because the introduction of very low levels of oxygen is computer controlled in a sealed environment, the reaction reaches and maintains a steady state that provides a consistent output of only two compounds: biochar and producer gas.

Construction on the facility continues and is expected to be complete in late 2020.