Catalytic Products International (CPI) completed the rebuild of recuperative thermal oxidizer at an animal health and nutrition company in the southern United States. It will be used for the abatement of odors, VOCs and ammonia from the animal feed manufacturing process.

During an annual service visit, a field service technician identified that the primary heat exchanger was showing signs of thermal failure. When the heat exchanger fails, untreated VOCs bypass the combustion chamber and vent directly out of the exhaust stack. The bottom several rows of tubes were plugged and had become weakened. The tubes had pulled away from the floating tube sheet seals, causing deformation and leaking. 

To extend the life of the recuperative thermal oxidizer and achieve the desired destruction rate efficiency (DRE), the primary heat exchanger needed to be replaced. CPI supplied a new floating tube primary heat exchanger, which provides 70 percent nominal thermal rate efficiency (TRE) and includes new internal insulation, thermocouples and booster fan.

The rebuilt recuperative thermal oxidizer is one of three controlling VOC emissions and odors from the air streams from fully enclosed reactors/dryers, conveyors and dust collection systems with 99.5 percent DRE. The VOCs are converted into harmless inert byproducts like CO2, water vapor and usable heat that are released to the atmosphere or used within primary or secondary energy recovery techniques.