Using a continuous processor that can mix, compound, crystallize or chemically react liquids and powders, one thermal processing equipment supplier is offering virtual testing. Developed to help food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers test new product formulations, the virtual testing allows them to assess the feasibility of continuous processing despite restrictions on travel.

Offered as an alternative to on-site, in-person monitoring at Readco Kurimoto’s York, Pa., research-and-development testing center, virtual testing is presented streaming on video via a secure, web-based platform that may be viewed by multiple participants simultaneously from anywhere by private log-in.

The live, remotely observed testing allows Readco engineers to respond to customer questions, implement new ideas and adjust processing parameters in real-time while the machinery is in operation. Virtual tests are archived and documented for reference, providing process engineers with data that can be used to design an effective, efficient production line.

The company also offers virtual testing using a self-contained processor that can be used to increase the viscosity of liquids, capture off-gases though evaporation or distillation, and condense the vapors for reprocessing.