An oven designed specifically for catheter manufacturers includes vertical airflow to keep cross wind from blowing the catheter tubes around. The TW EAE Despatch oven employs a tall vertical configuration. The small footprint saves floor space while allowing room to hang catheters up to 80" long inside the chamber. A stainless steel interior eases cleaning.

A truck-and-dolly system with a rack for hanging catheters is available as an option. A second truck allows for preloading one truck while the other is in the oven to improve productivity.

Manufacturers use ovens for curing and drying of coatings and linings that protect against urinary tract infection or increase lubricity to ease the discomfort of insertion. Catheters also require thermal curing for adhesive bonding of ports and attachments. Annealing is needed to provide variations in flexibility and hardness of the catheter tube to suit specific applications.