Two 2,600-scfm direct-fired thermal oxidizers installed at an East Coast fuel cell manufacturer will provide abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen and carbon monoxide during the fuel cell power conditioning process. Catalytic Products International (CPI), Lake Zurich, Ill., built and installed the pollution control systems.

A typical fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device used for electricity generation. Fuel cells produce direct current electricity through an electrochemical process. A fuel supply continuously replenishes the fuel cell. All fuel cells consist of an anode, cathode and an electrolyte that allow ions to move between the two sides of the fuel cell. 

The thermal oxidizers will control H2, CO and VOC emissions from both the anode and cathode gas streams of the processes. They will control the VOC emissions with a 99 percent destruction rate efficiency (DRE) and CO emissions with a 99.9 percent DRE, according to CPI.