A designer and manufacturer of complete industrial thermal systems, Watlow Inc. acquired CRC (Component Re-engineering Company, Inc.) of Santa Clara, Calif. Since 2002, CRC has designed, built and serviced wafer pedestals used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities internationally. CRC’s high temperature bonding and refurbishment technologies “enable advanced ceramic pedestal and in-chamber solutions” that complement thermal technologies developed by Watlow, according to the St. Louis-based company.

Integrating CRC into Watlow’s existing business is expected to advance the company’s wafer pedestal solutions, which are used to develop technological advances in the memory and logic segments of the semiconductor industry. With the acquisition, Watlow brings to the market a full suite of wafer pedestal solutions from low to high temperatures, ranging from a single zone to more than 80 zones of control.

“Watlow is excited to invest in this innovative product portfolio and team,” said Peter Desloge, Watlow’s chairman and CEO. “We believe we are uniquely positioned to leverage CRC’s capabilities, and through our collective efforts, [we] will continue to unlock high performance solutions that will bring added value to our customers.”

According to a company release, Watlow is investing aggressively to form strategic partnerships and joint ventures as well as to complete acquisitions. The company also is investing in its assets in Europe and Asia.