The Hydraulic Institute launched a pump savings calculator to assist specifiers and end users in determining energy- and cost-efficient pump systems for process applications. Offered as a no-cost downloadable tool, it factors the impacts of potential energy savings, based on the HI Energy Rating, alongside other variables like initial cost, installation and maintenance.

“Pumps can account for 40 percent of energy usage in industrial fluid systems,” says Michael Michaud, executive director of HI. “While reliability comes first in pump system design, there is good incentive for stakeholders to improve the energy efficiency of pump systems and potentially generate significant cost savings.”

The tool includes two calculator options: one that runs cost savings for general scenarios and one that runs cost savings for site-specific scenarios. This design enables users to best estimate potential savings in more than one capacity. The tool draws on HI’s Energy Rating (ER) Program database of rated pumps to calculate potential energy savings and incremental cost increases for different energy ratings available on specific pumps and add-ons like variable-speed controls that can be installed on constant speed pumps.

Click here for the calculator.