The pandemic and contractions in the industry mean many facilities are doing more with fewer hands on location. Coupled with employee mobility due to remote working and the challenge is to manage and monitor processes and thermal equipment effectively.

In an interview with Editor Linda Becker, Chad Briggs, the vice president and general manager for Honeywell Thermal Solutions, offers his view on the future of thermal processing and some of the solutions his company offers to address those challenges.

Chad Briggs

Chad Briggs,
Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Thermal Solutions

  • From your perspective, what are some of the major challenges for the thermal process industry? [0:19]
  • With smarter controls and automation now available in the marketplace, it is possible to have robust control systems that gather copious data. How can plants take better advantage of the thermal process data they are gathering? [3:40]
  • Can you offer insights into Honeywell Thermal Solutions’ digital transformation portfolio, and, more specifically, the Thermal IQ platform, and how it can be used to manage and optimize industrial thermal processes? [6:20]
  • Changing gears a bit, let’s talk about some of the ways that Honeywell Thermal Solutions is addressing the carbon footprint. For instance, Honeywell is developing solutions for hydrogen combustion, including hydrogen burners and complete solutions for many process industries such as chemicals, glass or food processing, to name a few. [8:00]
    • Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? What sort of reductions in CO2 emissions can hydrogen combustion provide? [8:30]
    • What are some of the other ways that Honeywell is addressing the industry-wide drive to lower CO2 and NOX emissions? [10:22]
  • What differentiates Honeywell from other solutions? [11:53]

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