1. Understanding TEMA Types for Shell-and-Tube Exchangers

shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell-and-tube designs incorporate fixed or floating tubesheets, fixed or removable tube bundles and expansion joints as needed to create an effective heat transfer vessel. Gain a better understanding of the TEMA types to improve your selection process.

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2. The Basics of Desuperheating and Steam Conditioning


Control valves are critical components in desuperheating and steam-conditioning systems. They require an understanding of system operation before they are specified.

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3. 7 Tips for Designing Combustion Control Panels

combustion control panels

Developing or specifying standard design panels that can be optimized for specific applications allows oven and dryer OEMs to avoid having to develop custom combustion controls for each heat processing system. • /articles/93385-tips-for-designing-combustion-control-panels

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4. Watertube Boiler Safety Based on Physics and Physical Design

watertube boiler safety

Modular, on-demand watertube boilers have lower water content than traditional watertube and firetube boilers. How can reducing the water volume in an industrial steam boiler improve plant safety?

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5. Identifying Safety Instrumented Functions in Burner Management Systems

instrumented functions

ISA provides helpful guidance as Technical Report TR 84.00.05 is under review. •

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6. Understanding the Requirements of Combustion Safety Equipment

combustion safety equipment

Personnel, equipment and production schedules depend upon keeping fuel-fired burners safe per NFPA requirements.

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7. Oven Safety Is No Accident

oven safety

Fatal accidents involving industrial ovens and dryers are relatively rare, fortunately. Incorporating safety features can enhance operator and technician safety when working near industrial ovens and dryers.

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8. How IIoT Data Can Improve Heat Exchanger Performance

Emerson IIoT

Adding sensors and analytical capabilities can help plants get a handle on early fouling or loss of heat transfer in heat exchangers. Wireless sensors gather data that can be used to improve performance, cut costs and reduce energy consumption.

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9. Temperature Measurement in Metal Reheat Furnaces

thermal imagers

Thermal imagers can be used to optimize metal reheat furnaces.

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10. Temperature vs. Flow: Finding the Balance for Effective Process Cooling

thermal care temperature

Using an industrial temperature control system that provides the correct fluid at the proper temperature and flow helps improve cooling system efficiency.

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