With the trend toward reduced plant personnel, and institutional knowledge leaving many plants as Baby Boomers age out of the workplace, industrial facilities are faced with managing thermal processes with fewer and less experienced operators. At the same time, the influence of on-demand access to all kinds of data in our daily lives is driving demand for access to key performance data and the ability to remotely monitor thermal processes.

Internet-enabled and cloud-based monitoring and managing of industrial thermal systems performance is the new mandate. The advent of low cost wireless technologies, near plug-and-play implementation, asset historians and analytics models will allow thermal processors’ to perform remote, automated, predictive maintenance that can increase asset reliability, shorten maintenance times, boost safety and quality and reduce maintenance costs.

In a one-hour webinar hosted by Process Heating, Dale Smith of Honeywell Thermal Solutions explains:

  • How Big Data, the Internet of Things and predictive analytics can improve thermal equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs.
  • How to identify and stop DRIP (data rich, information poor) situations.
  • Ways to tap into existing combustion controls for hidden information.
  • How to optimizing the balance between reliability, safety, efficiency and capacity.

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