Thermal fluids, also commonly known as heat transfer fluids, HTFs, hot oils or thermic fluids, are designed to provide accurate, uniform temperature control to process operating units while still maintaining low system pressures. 

Yet a successful “Thermal Fluid Experience” revolves around safety, maintenance, efficiency and reliability of overall plant operations. Optimizing this experience requires an understanding of how the fluids themselves impact:

  • The well-being of your plant personnel.
  • The protection of your equipment investment.
  • The ability to run an efficient operation, in terms of energy consumption and scheduling.
  • The avoidance of production downtime associated with unscheduled maintenance activities.

In a one-hour webinar, Ryan Ritz of Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids, a Division of Lubrizol, explains how taking the entire thermal fluid lifecycle into consideration can optimize thermal fluid system operations. Join him to follow the steps from design specification to fluid selection/procurement, operation, maintenance and fluid change-out.

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