Self-regulating heating cable and removable cloth insulators will protect gas-pipe systems at a power from freezing.

The natural gas-fired power plant owned by DTE Energy Corp. in Carson City, Mich., provides power for more than 850,000 homes. A series of gas-pipe systems at the plant needed to be protected from the harsh Michigan winters. After evaluating its options, the company selected self-regulating heating cable and removable cloth insulators from BriskHeat in Columbus, Ohio.

BriskHeat’s self-regulating heating cable was suited for the application because it regulates itself to deliver more heat as the conditions get colder. In addition, according to the company, it economically provides hundreds of feet of freeze protection on one circuit. The cloth insulators were installed over the heating cable to enhance the energy efficiency of the system. They are removable and reusable, suited for outdoor use, and constructed of durable PTFE outer cloth material and 1” thick fiberglass insulation.