An industrial coating company that serves a range of industries took delivery of a curing oven it will use for a process that requires even product heating.

The oven, which was built by Lewco Inc., has a maximum operating temperature of 800°F (427°C) and includes a top-mounted heater box with a 1 million BTU direct-fired natural gas burner. A 17,000-cfm circulation fan delivers dual airflow throughout the workspace.

Lewco also designed two custom self-propelled load cars to carry a customer-supplied retort in and out of the oven. In addition to loading and unloading the retort, the cars will continuously rotate the retort 360 degrees or oscillate the retort 180 degrees in both directions. The parts tumble inside the retort to ensure an even coating.

The oven is equipped with pneumatically operated vertical lift doors on each end. This allows the company to index the cars from both ends without any cool-down cycle, which increases its production capabilities.