A year ago, countries around the world realized that COVID-19 would not be going away quickly. In March 2020, as the world watched video from Italy and other early hot spots, the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic. Everywhere, we humans responded — whether that was with government declarations and regulations, modifications in business plans and market forecasts and, of course, in personal behavior. Many communities responded to calls to help “flatten the curve” by wide-reaching stay-at-home orders. At the same time, companies stepped up to help where they could, whether it was revamping manufacturing temporarily to produce hand sanitizer or masks, or simply to service their customers remotely. BNP Media adapted as well. The company was fortunate enough to have extensive experience with remote working, so operations continued virtually seamlessly despite many workers switching to remote work. The pandemic accelerated our shift to digital publishing: With so many working remotely at companies around the country, it made little sense to mail printed magazines to offices workers were no longer occupied. Our new digital magazine format is another part of that shift. No longer is Process Heating designed in a vertical format, like traditional print magazines. Instead, our digital magazine is built on a robust, responsive platform that automatically resized the content to whatever digital screen you view it on. Whether you choose to read Process Heating from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop, the content will organize itself in a way to best suit that screen size. Our magazine navigation has changed as well. If you are reading this column in our digital magazine, then you have figured out already that you flip from article to article by using the Next and Previous arrows on the left and right. To continue reading content on any given page, scroll up and down. Our eMagazine Navigation Guide explains this more fully with illustrations. Digital often means interactive for most people, and you will find that here as well. In addition to active links on ads and selected editorial content, we’ve added an Editorial Index in addition to the Advertising Index. Use this page to connect with the companies you see in this issue. We welcome your thoughts on our new platform! Feel free to reach out to me at BeckerL@bnpmedia.com or 262-564-0074.