ITW EAE, a division of Illinois Tool Works, received orders for more than 90 Despatch LBB lab ovens destined for a state department of transportation. The ovens will be used for drying and testing asphalt and aggregate samples.

Asphalt mixture samples must be heated and dried to determine the moisture content in the mix as part of the quality control process during road construction and repair. Asphalt samples are heated to a temperature of 325°F (163°C), dried and tested. High moisture content in the aggregate prior to mixing can lead to poor roadbed strength and increased potential for rutting. Other applications include drying rocks, aging asphalt paving mixtures and keeping compaction molds and industry tools at a certain temperature so cement will not bond to them during the mixing process. The ovens also are used for heating samples to a temperature where they can be separated into fine aggregate particles.

The LBB forced convection benchtop oven is designed for soil and asphalt testing. It includes a double-wall steel frame and reinforced shelves to handle heavy gyratory molds. The fan and heater are top-mounted to prevent damage from spills. The motor is permanently lubricated to be virtually maintenance free.