An aircraft manufacturer will use an electric batch oven for two applications. It cures a range of composite parts and heat treats parts up to a maximum temperature of 650°F (343°C).

The enhanced-duty walk-in oven, designed and supplied by Lewco Inc., includes a top-mounted heater box with 144 kW heat capacity. It is equipped with a 22,000 cfm high efficiency circulation fan that delivers dual airflow and provides uniform heat throughout the workspace. Due to some of the parts containing solvents, the oven is rated for NFPA 86, Class A and includes a 500 cfm exhaust fan.

The oven is furnished with lanyards to hold the doors open while personnel enter. An e-stop pull cord is included inside the oven to immediately power it down in case of entrapment. A Eurotherm Nanodac temperature controller with a redundant high limit controller provides precise temperature control and overtemperature protection.