Wisconsin Oven shipped an electrically heated horizontal quench system to the defense industry. It will be used for the solution treatment and aging of aluminum.

The system’s walls and ceiling have “CAN”-style construction and include 6" of insulation. The maximum temperature is 1100°F (593°C), and the normal temperature is 985°F (529°C). During operation, parts are loaded on a work grid located on the rollers (quench platform). An electric pusher/extractor mechanism pulls the load into the furnace for heat treating. After the heating cycle is completed, the pneumatically operated vertical-lift door is manually opened, and the extractor mechanism pushes the load onto the quench platform. Then, the load is quenched. The system includes a maximum 7-second quench delay.

According to Wisconsin Oven, the horizontal quench system was designed for the client’s intended process and limited floor space available. It was in compliance with AMS 2750F pyrometry requirements for Class 2 furnaces prior to and after shipment.