Thermolator TCUs are offered in three standard configurations. The TW-V is offered with 0.75- and 2-hp models, both with a 12 kW heater and 0.375" solenoid valve. The TW-S mid-range units are sized from 0.75 to 10-hp, and units up to 2 hp have a smaller footprint. Premium TW-P comes in the same size ranges but with more advanced features. All of the Thermolator units have an ergonomic angled face panel for better viewing of the HMI. The TW-S and TW-P models include the company’s “common control” feature that offers a consistent user experience regardless of the machinery involved. The TCU menu structure and navigation, setpoint entry, alarm notification, icons, colors, communication protocols, and back-end hardware are essentially the same as other equipment from the company.

This feature is intended to simplify operator training.

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