An aerospace manufacturer will use an 800°F (425°C) electrically heated walk-in oven primarily for curing honeycomb composite structures. The batch oven, however, also has the capability for vacuum-assisted composite curing. 

The enhanced-duty oven, designed and manufactured by Lewco Inc., Sandusky, Ohio, includes a top-mounted heater box with 180 kW of heat capacity. It is equipped with a 24,000 cfm circulation fan that delivers horizontal airflow and provides uniform heat throughout the workspace. The airflow volume of the oven is designed to meet strict temperature uniformity requirements. 

A nine-point temperature uniformity survey was conducted at 500 and 750°F (260 and 400°C) to ensure customer requirements for their specific process have been met. The survey exceeded customer specifications of ±10°F by achieving better than ±5°F.

A programmable logic controller (PLC) with a touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI) includes Lewco’s composite curing program.