When I sat down to write my December commentary, I decided to first look back on previous years so I wouldn’t repeat myself. And then I remembered: Repeating myself would be nearly impossible because our December issue traditionally has been our annual buyers' guide. And, while we produced a buyers' guide this year (more on that in a moment), this eMagazine serves as our first stand-alone December issue. 

Before I go on, let me encourage you to check out the 2022 Buyers' Guide eBook, our buying directory that — while remaining a go-to source of information about low temperature industrial heating equipment — goes fully digital. The swap allows us to keep the information you will access while using it consistently up to date. And of course, our directory listings are viewable and searchable online at process-heating.com/buyersguide.

Our Best of Process Heating lists traditionally have been included in our December issue. While our Best of Industry News and Best of New Products will only appear on our website, I couldn’t pass up including the 15 most popular articles published in Process Heating in 2021.

15. Electric Air Heating Can Improve Your Process 

14. 6 Points to Ponder When Selecting a Circulation Heater 

13. When Controls Retrofits Make Sense for Your Boiler Room

12. Thermal Processes for Additive Manufacturing

11. Chemtool Plant Fire Result of Leak from Heat Transfer Piping, Ruled Accidental

10. Retrofit or Replace? Evaluating Your Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

9.  Companies to Develop Electrically Heated Steam Cracker Furnaces

8.  The Ins and Outs of Temperature Control Units

7. Instrumentation Provides Data Critical to Improving Steam System Efficiency

6. Selecting Gas Combustion Safety Shutoff Valves and Actuators

5. Trends in Process Heating with Boiler Systems

4. CSB Update on Deadly Fire, Explosion at Ohio Paint Manufacturer

3. Common Industrial Applications for Thermocouples and RTDs

2. Key Considerations for Tube-End Joint Design

1. Burners 101: Natural-Draft Burners

Any surprises in this list for you?