A Midwest automotive plastic parts surface-coating facility will utilize a recently installed 15,000 scfm regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) for the abatement of volatile organic compounds.

The RTO, designed and built by Catalytic Products International (CPI), replaced a 12,000 scfm oxidizer that was not able to keep up with an increase in production volume at the facility. The new system controls a parts washer, drying oven, spray booths and an associated curing oven for controlling VOC emissions from the plastic parts coating process with 98 percent destruction efficiency at a thermal efficiency of 95 percent.

CPI provided a complete turnkey installation of the VOC abatement system. The installation of the RTO and related equipment included a hot gas bypass, ductwork, exhaust system and stack, and dampers. A pre-filter prior to the RTO allows paint carryover buildup to occur in the filter media rather than the RTO. The filter is readily accessible for change-out. Insulation of the RTO housing and poppet valve section allows for bake-out of the RTO to further minimize process buildup. CPI delivered a fully skid-mounted, prepiped and prewired RTO with the media installed on a customer-supplied concrete pad.

Thermal treatment of VOCs and other air pollutants works by a simple reaction of the harmful hydrocarbon-based air pollutants with oxygen and heat. In this environment, the VOCs are oxidized to form inert byproducts like CO2, water vapor and usable heat. These byproducts are released to the atmosphere or used within primary or secondary energy-recovery techniques to further lower operational costs.