In an interview with editor Linda Becker, Edye Buchanan, a sales strategist with Briskheat Corp., talks about how to evaluate and optimize the operation of your process heating equipment. Unintended heat losses, poor energy efficiency and failed insulation can keep you from achieving optimal results and can contribute to increased scrap and higher energy bills.

During her presentation at the Process Heating & Cooling show on June 16, Edye will offer practical tips and takeaways about optimizing your heating system for energy efficiency. In this podcast, she offers a sneak peek and tips to put to use immediately.

  • How does someone get started? How would they go about optimizing the energy efficiency of a process heating system? [0:44]
  • Can you give me an example? [1:28]
  • Once you've identified some areas of inefficiency in the system, what are some next steps? [2:28]
  • So, what are some clues that might indicate there are opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the process heating equipment? [3:32]
  • After they have performed an energy analysis, what are some next steps? [6:17]
  • What are some of the benefits of your approach to optimizing the energy efficiency of a process heating system? [8:15]
  • Are there any drawbacks to or concerns about your approach to optimizing the energy efficiency of a process heating system? For instance, are there any safety or code requirements to take into account? [10:55]
  • What positive results should a company optimizing the energy efficiency of a process heating system expect? What is a reasonable payback? [12:24]
  • How is your company positioned to help people achieve this? [14:17]

Manufacturers in the process industries are facing myriad challenges — labor, rising material costs and supply chain lags are a few that come to mind.

  • From your perspective, what are some of the major challenges for the thermal process industry right now? [15:41]
  • Have these challenges affected BriskHeat, and if yes, how? How is Briskheat positioning itself to deal with those challenges? [18:27]
  • One of the benefits of attending a trade show or listening to a podcast is that you get to take advice from experts in the field. If you were sitting next to a leading process cooling expert right now, what would you ask them? [19:46]

Listen to the Podcast:

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