A truth of the real world is that we cannot fix everything or eliminate every risk, every day, notes process combustion safety expert John Puskar. In a webinar on April 27, Puskar will explore risk assessments and process hazard analyses (PHAs) and how they can help you focus your risk-management efforts.

At the end of this one-hour session, you will to know the answers to questions such as:

  • What makes more sense: Changing out an aging obsolete burner management system, or adding a remote manual isolation valve to the fuel system?
  • What are RAGAGEPs (recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices) and how do they apply to your heat processing equipment?
  • Which National Fire Protection Association standards related to industrial heating equipment address — or even require — risk assessment and process hazard analysis (PHA)?

You need to be familiar with processes that can help you make these kinds of decisions so that your company’s resources can get the most return on safety and reliability that is possible.

During the no-cost session, Puskar will explain PHA and risk assessment resources and take attendees through an actual risk assessment for a simple fired-equipment project.

Register in advance to attend the live event or to gain on-demand access after it concludes.