During risk assessments, you primarily are looking at the likelihood of and the consequences that could happen if the worst occurred. Yet reviewing your process heating operation from a risk assessment perspective also has the potential to identify productivity and asset-life enhancements. In a one-hour free webinar, John Puskar, the president of Prescient Technical Services, will present an exclusive webinar on April 27 about “Heat Processing Equipment Risk Assessments: What Are They, and What Is a PHA?”

John joined editor Linda Becker for a podcast to talk about the upcoming webinar. During their conversation, they explored:

  •  What are heat processing equipment risk assessments, and why should those working with industrial process heating equipment care about them? [1:08]
  • How do heat processing risk assessments relate to the safety standards? [2:27]
  • Are heat processing risk assessments required in the codes? [4:36]
  • Some facilities are already doing PHAs related to the chemical processes. For those that are not, what are the next steps for performing a heat processing equipment risk assessment? [6:48]
  • What are some of the benefits of performing heat processing equipment risk assessments? [8:45]
  • What positive results should a company expect if they complete a heat processing equipment risk assessment? What is a reasonable payback? [10:54]
  • What are the tangible takeaways our webinar attendees can expect? [13:03]

Listen to the Podcast:


Register for the webinar in advance to join the live event or watch it on demand.

John also will be speaking at the Process Heating & Cooling Show, offering tips and tricks on retrofitting fired process heating equipment, on June 16. The Process Cooling & Heating Show is the only tradeshow and conference that focuses exclusively on industrial heating and cooling equipment, components and supplies used in the process industries. To learn more about the Process Heating & Cooling show, or to register, visit heatingcoolingshow.com. (Use code LINDA2022 for a discount on registration.)

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