A manufacturer in the energy industry will utilize a top-load oven to dry moisture from large electrical components. A pneumatically operated vertically hinged door allows for top loading and unloading of parts.

The natural-gas-fired oven, built and supplied by Wisconsin Oven, East Troy, Wis., has a maximum temperature rating of 300°F (149°C) and chamber dimensions of 19 by 10 by 14'. The oven is heated by an industrial air heat burner rated at 2.5 million BTU/hr and was designed with combination airflow to optimize heatup rates and uniformity. Temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 250°F (121°C) was documented with a nine-point temperature uniformity survey in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions. The company warrants that performance.

This oven also is equipped with an IoT-based performance monitoring system from DataSense Technologies. It collects information from predictive maintenance sensors to track the performance and health of components and conditions on the equipment. Thresholds are set around alarm conditions to notify Wisconsin Oven’s service team.

“This oven is designed to be placed in the customer’s production line and accommodate loading their products with a crane through the top of the oven,” said Mike Grande, Wisconsin Oven vice president of sales. “The access door on the side of the oven provides personnel with easy access for attaching the crane hook.”