A high efficiency, dual-fuel-capable hot water condensing boiler is targeted for the industrial market.

The result of a multi-year research and development process, the Cheyenne boiler is offered in sizes from 3 million to 12 million BTU/hr and has a full-sized furnace capable of firing natural gas, propane or light fuel oil. Manufactured by Superior Boiler, it provides customers a choice of UL-listed burner packages and NOX emissions of 30 ppm or less available on all firing rates, according to the manufacturer.

The boiler’s davit-equipped rear lid allows access to the furnace and the burner combustion head without disturbing the burner or fuel train. A large waterside volume eliminates the need for a dedicated circulating pump or high minimum flow. This allows for load fluctuation with fewer burners, resulting in better overall performance, says the company.