In an interview with editor Linda Becker, Angela Krueger, the vice president and general manager of ASI, a division of Thermal Technologies Inc., talks about how selecting the correct heat source for your process is an important step that will affect your entire production line and end product. The most common industrial heat sources include natural gas burners, electric coils, steam coils, hot oil coils, and indirect gas-fired heat exchangers. There are several criteria and variables that must be assessed prior to choosing the heat source most suited to your application.

The podcast discusses:

  • Why is a heat source (and heat source selection) so important? [1:02]
  • What is a heat source, and how is it used in process heating applications? [2:10]
  • How does someone begin selecting and evaluating a given heat source for process heating applications such as drying? [3:20]
  • Are there any other factors to consider? [4:49]
  • What are some of the benefits of a formalized approach to heat source selection and evaluation? [6:18]
  • Following up on the example you gave of a customer who realized after their dryer was ordered that the heat source calculations needed to change, which then drove change in the equipment under construction. Is this risk of skipping the evaluation step result in things like increased maintenance? [8:04]
  • Are there other concerns about heat source selection and evaluation? For instance, are there any codes or standards that might influence the selection process? [8:48]
  • Many of the examples you gave about NFPA 86 related to gas-fired ovens and dryers. Are there any special considerations or codes for electrically powered ovens and dryers? [11:11]
  • What is the timeframe and what is a reasonable payback for such equipment? [13:24]
  • From your perspective, what are some of the major challenges for the thermal process industry right now? [15:07]
  • Are there any techniques or tips that are helping you weather these challenges? [16:55]
  • Finally, if you were sitting next to a leading expert in your field right now, what would you ask them? [19:00]

Listen to the Podcast:

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