Thermal Product Solutions shipped a custom Gruenberg tunnel isolator dryer to a company in the medical industry.

The dryer’s operating temperature is 59-82°F (15-28°C), with a typical operating temperature of 68°F (20°C) and a maximum temperature of 110°F (43°C). It has been designed to replicate humidity conditions of 5 percent humidity. The custom dryer is capable of drying 200 mL per hour while maintaining a 5 percent RH atmosphere. It also includes NIST calibration certificates for the thermocouples, a temperature controller with humidity control and a high limit controller.

“The dryer offers vertical lift doors at each end of the dry air isolation tunnel that open simultaneously to permit the indexing of product. The staging areas are equipped with banner tray sensors to verify condition,” said Mike Schneck, Gruenberg director of engineering.