A cabinet oven will be used by a company in the defense industry to dry plastic explosives at 120°F (49°C) to 190°F (88°C). The product may be treated with various solvents.

Thermal Product Solutions shipped the Gruenberg Class A oven, which has a maximum temperature of 200°F (94°C) and interior dimensions of 60” wide by 36” deep by 48” high. A temperature uniformity of +/-5°F was proven at a test temperature of 200°F. The oven has 3” thick mineral wool insulation within the stainless steel floor, walls and ceiling.

“This XP cabinet oven complies with NFPA 86 Class A requirements and is designed and equipped for processes involving materials that could potentially result in an explosion or fire hazard,” said Mike Schneck, director of engineering.

The oven includes a safety package with special exhaust, air movers and explosion-proof exterior, meeting requirements for Class 1 and 2, Division 1, Groups D, E, F and G environments. The XP exhaust blower is rated for 800 cfm to vent solvent vapors that may be present during the heating process. The recirculation and exhaust blowers are designed to be non-sparking, preventing them from igniting the flammable solvent or explosives in the oven. The other explosion-proof requirements include wiring with mineral-insulated cable; terminals in XP terminal boxes; and a purged, NEMA 12-rated control panel.