A gas-fired exothermic atmosphere generator comes equipped with a mixing control system for exothermic gas generation that includes a touchscreen LCD color display and paperless chart recorder.

The unit, designed and supplied by Lindberg/MPH, has a maximum output of 1,000 ft³ per hour. The combustion chamber is designed with a reinforced, water-jacketed steel shell insulated with a high temperature refractory lining. The chamber includes UV flame detection and peep sight for observation of main burner operation, and there is a fire-check at the burner inlet that will automatically block the mixture line in the event of a backfire. 

An electrically latched manual reset valve in the gas inlet line will shut down the generator in the event of low gas pressure, high gas pressure or electric failure. The generator is accompanied by a refrigerant-atmosphere gas dryer that has the capacity to cool the generated atmosphere gas to approximately 40°F dew point.