Enerquip, a provider of industrial heating solutions, added a machining center to its production shop in Medford, Wis.

The high rigidity, high precision DMG MORI NLX 2500/700 turning center machines tubesheets and channels up to 18" in diameter. The addition of this technology optimizes the efficiency of manufacturing the company’s most common-sized units, according to Enerquip. The company also anticipates the new equipment will allow it to make bigger and more complex units in the future. 

The turning center is equipped with a 12-station tooling turret, chip conveyor and an Ethernet connection for troubleshooting and machine updates. On a 21.5" touchscreen, the operation panel allows access to production control. The machine is enclosed to ensure the containment of chips and cutting coolant. It also includes an oil chiller to cool the spindle and casting.