A selective catalytic reduction unit will be used for the control of volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions from a calciner.

The unit, which was designed and supplied by Catalytic Products International (CPI), Lake Zurich, Ill., controls the exhaust gases emitted from the facility’s calciner. According to CPI, catalytic oxidation was selected based on its ability to offer low overall cost of compliance, minimal maintenance requirements, and the compatibility of precious oxidation catalysts and the pollutants identified. The oxidation is accomplished at a lower thermal energy than typical thermal oxidizers without consuming the catalyst in the reaction. 

CPI worked closely with the customer to engineer, design and supply the SCR unit in addition to providing installation supervision and startup services. CPI was able to complete a portion of the installation activities before the new equipment arrived on-site, which helped ensure that the entire system was installed correctly and the facility resumed production with minimal downtime.