Thermal Product Solutions shipped a Blue M cleanroom inert gas oven to a company in the semiconductor industry. The oven has a temperature range of 27°F (15°C) above ambient to 662°F (350°C). The cabinet-style unit offers a minimal, vertical footprint, saving the semiconductor maker production floor space. 

The Blue M oven is designed with semi-pierce walls and utilizes a variable-frequency drive (VFD) on the blower motor to enable airflow tuning across the oven workspace. A high temperature HEPA filter cleans the air before it enters the workspace. Two heavy-gauge, stainless steel slotted shelves offer high temperature resistance in corrosive atmospheres.

“The customer requested silicone-free construction for this oven, so all gaskets for the door, cooling coil pipe and motor seals were changed from silicone to Viton,” said Jonathan Young, Blue M product manager.