Watlow completed its acquisition of Eurotherm from Schneider Electric Co.

Eurotherm provides temperature, power and process control, measurement and data management equipment, systems, software and services for global industrial markets. The company employs about 650 people worldwide, with its headquarters in Worthing, United Kingdom, and core manufacturing operations in Ledziny, Poland.

Watlow will establish Eurotherm’s sites in Worthing and Dardilly, France, as Advanced Development Centers for its electronics and controls product offerings. Watlow also plans to invest in Eurotherm’s facility in Poland to convert it to Watlow’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Europe. The company expects the additional capacity and capability to provide a path to growth in the Americas and Asia. 

“This acquisition aligns with our vision of providing innovative thermal products and technologies that help increase our customers’ competitive advantage,” said Rob Gilmore, Watlow’s CEO. “The combination of Watlow and Eurotherm products and technologies will create new global opportunities for our collective customers and allow us to focus our advanced thermal systems in important areas.”

Based in St. Louis, Watlow designs and manufactures complete industrial thermal systems. It celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022.